tax of fixed deposit

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    Treatment of tax on Fixed deposit interest

    hi I made a FD of 6 Lakh at 8.50% for 5 years yearly interest =Rs 51000 As your can see TDS will be deducted approx 10% after that i am left with rs 45900 My yearly income is 4 lakh Please clarify on this 1) if tds is deducted by bank on by interest income then the remain...
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    Tax on corporate/bank fixed deposit and NCDs.

    I'd like to know (1) When would tax be deducted at source in investments in corporate/bank FDs and Non convertible debentures? (2) How would be the tax deducted at source calculated and at wht rate? If its as per my income tax slab than how would the issuer know in which tax slab i would...