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    Zerodha Realtime Data against NSE TAME

    Hello Seniors, I have started with Zerodha's NESTPlus trading platform, but have found out the realtime 1min or 5min data of Zerodha charting does not match exactly with NSE TAME (this should be most authentic I suppose). Could you kindly suggest me how have you been trading with...
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    NSE TAME auto update of bars

    Hello, I've been looking at NSE TAME chart (http://www.nseindia.com/ChartApp/install/charts/mainpage.jsp) for Intraday 1min or 5min tickers. The data is real time, but the tickers do not get updated automatically -- I have to click on 'Plot' button every one minute to see the current bar. Can...
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    NSE TAME weekly charts missing data

    Hi I have been using NSE TAME for daily and weekly charts of FO data. The site is wonderful with no fee from the user though I cannot save previous settings. I noticed a strange issue or bug in weekly charts of FO scripts. The chart misses data of last Friday of the month into weekly...