systematic trading

  1. Q

    Anatomy of a Momentum Strategy

    For the past couple of years, I have been trying to crack an ideal momentum strategy that would give the best risk/reward profile. I read a lot of books & research papers, conducted backtests, paper traded, as well as live traded. Below are my observations. How to measure momentum - Classically...
  2. A

    Teach a Man to Fish – "Rise of Machines" version

    I have been a long term member of this forum. My journey started on this forum more than a decade ago and back then there was one golden thread of this forum. It was called “Teach a Man to Fish”, in which one of the members had shared how to trade intra-day based on 5 minute charts. It was a...
  3. spn1305

    Systematic Momentum and Pullback Swing Trading

    First thread on traderji, looking forward to interacting with you all. On this thread, I'll describe some systems that we can use to trade. I've been in the markets since about 4 years now, started when I was 15. I'm not a fully automated/quant trader, rather a market participant who likes to...