1. I

    Symphony Presto API feedback required

    Hi, Can anyone share their feedback about Symphony Presto's API solutions for automated trading ? Basically, I wanted to know whether you keep your signal generation code with you or is it required to keep it at their servers. Also, would like to know more about exchange approval process...
  2. Cubt

    Started Algo Trading - Daily Paper Trade updates

    I have signed up with Symphony for algo trading, its been almost 3 months now since I started with Symphony. All these 3 months, there were many modifications made to the algo and finally Symphony has coded my strategy last week. I have been given access to their paper trading environment, will...
  3. A

    Indian Brokers offering Algo Trading to Individual Traders(Reposting)

    Hi, I have been getting messages regarding brokers names cost etc. Re-posting it to the relevant discussion topic of Algo & Automated Trading I have been doing fully automated trading for the last one year and have used all the vendors and three different brokers. I have accumulated a list...