1. L

    script to delete blank/junk symbol

    Hello Friends, My amibroker db has some obsoleted, blank and/or junk symbol included, I need to clean those things from the database. Please help me to do this TIA
  2. P

    Need Sectorwise All NSE current listed symbols

    Can anyone provide sectorwise all NSE currently listed Equity symbols in csv or Excel format? Checked on NSE. It is not offering such list of all securities. Thanks in advance....
  3. gourav_s

    NSE/BSE Yahoo Stock Lists for AMIBROKER

    Hi, everyone :) I would like to know if someone can provide me with link to download NSE/BSE Symbols for Amibroker i.e. for example GMRINFRA.ns I want a list of .ns yahoo symbols of NSE/BSE for amibroker :p Thanks in advance :thumb: