swing trade

  1. T

    Trade setup called "Winner of the month"

    This system was designed by me my self Tejas Desai 12 yrs of experience in trading and investing. Full time trader.. This strategy took around 7 yrs to develop and back test 100 time after failing 100k time atlast I have succeeded thank to Nicolas Darvas books which helped alot... I will...
  2. gautam7821

    Trial Trading diary : Scalping

    I have opened a Zero Brokerage trading account to try scalping. My capital is 30,000 . I will stop scalping if I loose 15,000.
  3. punam.fintrade

    Timeframe for Swing Trading ?

    Hi Friends, Can you please help, what Timeframe should be used to check Swing Trade Trend, and which Timeframe should be used to Enter / Exit the Market ? I use Technical Analysis Tools along with Chart Patters and Candlestick Patterns. Regards, Adi.
  4. Tuna

    Nifty 2017

    Hi All, This is a yearly thread (Jan - Dec 2017). I am discontinuing my earlier Nifty thread as I am trying to bring in some pattern to my postings on Nifty. On this thread, I will post: My View on Nifty for Next week. This post will be done on weekend, with charts. There will be no calls or...
  5. Tuna

    Nifty Swing & Intra Trades

    Hi Folks, I am starting this new thread on Nifty Future. I will post my real trades here to keep a record what I am doing. Though it is for educational purpose and not an investment idea. What is the rational behind my trades I will explain that as well, after 50 successful trades (total...
  6. saikatdg

    How to Trade in Diet Odin for Swing Tradin?

    I have decided to be an EOD based swing trader. Hence i mostly put my orders in the morning hour and revise them in the night after market hours. since I am new to diet Odin, i would like to describe few probable situations below.I request ur guidance on them. 1) -Market at 100. - i want to be...
  7. mlg

    Hitachi home & life solutions (india) ltd

    I was tracking Hitachi for last 1 month. This my analysis. As per my analysis, Hitachi did a breakout. Hitachi did a break out @ 1400 with high volume Stock is trading above, 1. Above Bearish Resistance Line with high volume in P&F chart. 2. Above upper Bollinger band. 3. CCI and RSI is in...
  8. I

    Newbie needs guidance plz help

    Hi exPerts my name is Imran and I am IT PROFESSIONAL by profession , I thought of investing some money in trading and was researching about the same and I found out two options intraday and swing trading here is my scenario . I am looking to invest around 20-30k per month and looking for profit...
  9. trade4putuval

    Diary of a 315 Trader

    I have been a follower of 315 strategy theoretically, but practically I have been a failure with this strategy since i did not respect the rules of the strategy. I have created this post to keep myself updated on how I am trading with respect to 315 strategy. I am planning to use the...
  10. I

    Swing Trade tips with 98% accuracy!!!

    Hello Traders, After a long struggle in thiis market, i have finally coded a good way to make money through swing trading. It took me around 2 years to achieve a success ratio of around 98%. I know what i have achieved in somewhat impossible for even experianced traders. And for many who...
  11. G

    Margin trading

    I am new to trade. Can any one explain me from basic what is margin trading? Or if there is already a thread to it can u place a pointer to the thread?? THANKS