1. A

    One Way Movement

    Hi All, For some time I have been observing stocks that break their previous days high or low tend to move in single direction and give good points. However, at times they reverse leading to triggering of SL. I tried to analyse the same with things like Delivery %age of previous day...
  2. Nehal_s143

    Turning Points

    I want to create a afl for Historical major turning points on daily chart (eod chart) which can also if used on hourly chart if required. AFL should mark all historical major turning points and draw line at historical point Below code marks historical major turning points as well as...
  3. X

    STUDY ID's value lookup

    Hey folks Is there a way with AFL code to look for nearest value from all of the Study ID's drawn on a given chart...? Thanks and cheers :thumb:
  4. adityasaraf007

    Does Support and Resistance Work?

    First of all, let me make is very clear that this thread is only for educational purposes and I am presently not trading them. The main purpose of this thread is to develop confidence in our Analysis and be able to use the most basic form of Technical Analysis to the best effect. Whats...
  5. R


    Hello Folks, I am new to this blog & request your support.. Thanks Ramesh
  6. R

    Why technical indicators dosent work ?

    why technical indicators dosent work?:confused: :)Hello traders my name is suresh new to traderji. I just wanna share a quick thought about technical indicators and why they dosent work all the hear is my understanding with an example :!:--- Immagine that a large...
  7. T

    Nifty Technical Analysis

    Hi Friends, i trade just nifty for intraday and positional basis, i will be updating some technical levels in this thread of mine. hope it helps u ion trading as well. Nifty made a bottom on friday, and will move up now. see the chart carefully, Nifty will move up to the black line that...