support & resistance

  1. The Pig

    Moving Averages and trend lines

    Hi All, Do any of you guys trade using MA and trendlines? I backtested 9EMA,20 EMA of TCS for year 2010-2013, though EMAs seem to be a bit ok for day trading, trendlines and EMA seems to be not useful. Even S/R seems to be not holding up too. How is it working for you? I might not be applying...
  2. B

    Does Stocks follow nifty's movement or vice versa?

    I have noticed that a stock near its resistance started moving up just because index(nifty) was also gaining. So, to avoid any confusion in my trading, i want to know upto what extent we can rely on nifty's movement for predicting stock movement.
  3. Tharu

    Chart patterns

    With big events happening in market, observed few chart patterns in daily and weekly charts.. I will post my observations here.. Am a very beginner... Opened a demat account before 6 months.. Learning TA from TJ for the past 4 months sincerely and seriously.. Still bad at making entries and...
  4. D

    intraday trend indicator software

    Intraday Trend Indicator is a must have app for any investor who deals with any market index (for example Nfty). The investor is able to make nearly accurate predictions and take firm decisions using the app's calculated measures i have downloaded and its very useful to me here's the link...
  5. K

    Need help in deciding important features of the free stock related website I'm workin

    Hi there, I have been working on some software that can predict market in realtime. While this is still under construction, I have gained lot of knowledge in recent past, and want to create a free website using this knowledge (definitely, not something that can compete with software I'm...
  6. S

    best support and indicator

    i am making profit based on this support level and indicators 5m and 15m :clap: