super trend

  1. S

    SuperTrend calculation in Excel

    since supertrend calculation depends on (N-1)th row, how to compute for 1st row
  2. G

    INFOSYS 5 min ST trading

    Infosys with ST. Gapup on 20th cuts the profits
  3. Cubt

    Nifty Positional Trading - Super Trend Indicator

    Guys, with regards to my old thread about Swing Trading system for Nifty, there were many major flaws hence decided to quit that system and continue with my old system that am familiar with. I have back tested it with 6 years of data from 2008 to 2013 October. System Methodology: Using Super...
  4. R

    Super Trend Formula verification

    I am preparing an excel sheet based on the indicator and while working on Super Trend, the formula for it seems to be incorrect. I request you to help me out in resolving this issue. Following are the steps I am doing while calculating Super Trend Formula...
  5. A

    Currency futures trading with smc gobal securities

    Hello friends, I have been using currency futures trading using SMC. They provide Buy and Sell signal with their odin diet software. They have a Super Trend indicator for stop losses. Does anyone also use the same method for currency futures trading? Anyone,please share some...