1. K

    Need help in deciding important features of the free stock related website I'm workin

    Hi there, I have been working on some software that can predict market in realtime. While this is still under construction, I have gained lot of knowledge in recent past, and want to create a free website using this knowledge (definitely, not something that can compete with software I'm...
  2. mandyrawat

    What is the future of Cals Refineries Ltd.

    hi experts, could you pls give me an idea about a company called "Cals Refineries Ltd."? how is this company fundamentally? is it worth to invest in this company now? because the share is almost at 52 low. :confused: Please share your views. Thanks Mandy
  3. N

    A portfolio with 20% returns

    Hi, I am planning to invest in Mutual funds with following portfolio: 1. HDFC TAX Saver (G) - 18% 2. Sundaram BNP Paribas Tax Saver (G) - 18% 3. Magnum Contra (G) - 22% 4. HDFC Prudence (G) - 12% 5. IDFC Premier Equity (G) - 20% 6. Open Slot - 10% Slot 6 is open as of now. I was...