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    Want to start a Sub-Brokerage Firm

    I want to start a sub-brokerage firm. There are two reason behind this. First I wanna establish myself in this field. Second , I want to keep my earnings private from the dealer under whose terminal my trades are executed as am a trader personally. Am over 21 and i have passed NCFM...
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    Sub -Broker

    How many of you feel that it is easy become a subroker or remisser and earn rather than working for 12 hours a day and get a fixed salary? please share your views!
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    Sub-broker question

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to register as a sub-broker, but the intention is not to facilitate customer business. I am more interested in getting cheaper commissions, as I anticipate a high turnover of trading in both the cash and F&O segment. Can I register personally as a...
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    Suggestion on trading & opeing Deemat A/c

    Dear Traders, i have just started my own sub-broking firm in sheshadripuram, bangalore with "Angel broking" & i welcome u all to join me on any discussion or query related to trading. i feel with my limited knowledge & exp i will b able to help many new person in this field & able to solve...
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    How to start giving sub-brokership

    Hi, I am having a BSE/NSE ticket... now want to expand the operations of my trading activities all around by giving Franchisee/Sub-broker ship. Anybody around to help me in this