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    Business Model of Minance

    Hi, Does any body have a clear idea of the business model of Minance Capital, Bangalore? They claim to be a registered sub brokers of Angel broking and can thus manage their clients' accounts (placing orders on clients behalf). Also, they share the profits generated in the clients account in a...
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    Sub - Brokership OR Zerodha

    Hi Members, I only work intraday. I have two accounts. 1. Kary: 0.01% intraday. 2. Zerodha I am in talks with one of the brokers who is offering me brokership. They have offered me that I should give them Rs. 250/- per crore. Please advise if I will save on brokerage if I go for...
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    Capital Market Professional Looking for a Job

    Greetings Members of Traderji, My name is Gokul Chand, I am a Capital Market Professional. I have been working with few individual clients and sub brokers for past 2 years. I am here at traderji to enhance my career and knowledge. I well versed in Relationship Management Marketing...