1. S

    STT-Squp charges in Upstox

    - Who charges STT-squp charges ? Is it the broker or exchange ? - How can I calculate STT-squp Charges ? Any documents or link for the same would be great
  2. R

    Reduced BTST charges in cash segment (intraday like) on any brokerages in 2019

    Hello I am wondering if there are any brokerages that offer reduced charges on BTST trades in 2019. Zerodha/ICICI direct/Reliance etc all seem to be treating it as delivery so it attracts STT of 0.1% instead of around 0.015% on intraday trade in the cash segment. Thanks for any inputs
  3. O

    How to get back STT paid on ITM Options on Expiry, probably with a Booty!

    Many have lost heavily by paying a whopping STT on "in the money options on expiry". It is probably possible to get this back, along with a booty! Keep your ITM Options Expiry contracts with STT ready!
  4. I

    Moneycontrol portfolio

    I plan to use moneycontrol portfolio to track my equities. When I attempted to add a buy transaction I noticed the following comment * Please ensure the brokerages and STT have been added to your purchase price I understand the reason for adding brokerage to purchase price but I don't...
  5. A


    Hi there, I'm an old hand at trading, but looking to change the way I do my taxes. Briefly, my accountant doesn't inspire confidence on how to deal with these transactions, so I'm looking to do them myself, using tally. I found a very, very useful thread on Traderji - highly recommend it...
  6. manoj.0790

    Can any one tell me the Percentage of STT?

    I trading with Sharekahan and my brokerage plan is 5Paisa and 50 Paisa. Now i need some information about STT. 1. Whether STT is calculated for Both Buy and Sell? 2. Whats the % of STT? and on what amount it will be charged?
  7. A

    Capital gain deduction

    I purchase some shares in Stock Exchange & sold it. In that transaction I have some profit after deducting brokerage on purchase & sale as well as STT. I attracts @ 20% flat rate tax. My question is what are the deductions to be allowed?
  8. mave_rick

    Query on different Charges in Day Trading

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me about the different charges (other than the brokerage) that are levied on while doing day trading. Please provide the % (percentage or the total amount that are levied)... As far as I know the different charges are as follows: Security Transaction Tax...
  9. K

    scrapping the STT

    well there has been media reports that in the coming budget , Government might do away with STT ,:clapping: what are your views guys ? , would it influence the trading any way?