stoploss order

  1. Shivam DUbey

    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?

    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?
  2. kingsmasher1

    How to deal with STOPLOSS and sell in market IN options which does not support it?

    Hello Friends, So today i made a loss of 7k :lol: in options trade. I was dealing with options for last couple of days with luck and profit as high as 4.5k. The reason i dealt with options is: 1) Low brokerage as cost depends on premium which is very less compared to actual share price 2) Huge...
  3. N

    Basic question about Zerodha stoploss

    New to trading, and just placed a few small (delivery) trades with Zerodha. Zerodha tells me that for delivery trades (Cash N Carry), I will need to login and place a stoploss order EVERYDAY. In other words, the stoploss orders are valid for one day only, and are canceled at the end of the day...
  4. A

    Can any brokerage cater to this trade?

    Hi All, I have a specific type of trade strategy in mind and would be grateful if I could be directed to any brokerage which can execute this trade. Say a scrip is trading at 500, I want to place a bracket order with SL 450 and Tgt 550 but if both targets are not hit, I would want to take...
  5. _Phantom_

    Need Help with STOPLOSS order types.

    Hi all, According to my system requirement, SL should be strictly executed at Fixed price. So here's an example to help understand my query about SL order type in much detail. Suppose I am LONG in GOLM @ 29390 and i want my SL(sell order) at 29366. So to implement this: Scenario 1...
  6. D

    Order JUmps!!!

    HAve U people experienced when u place a stoploss order in online day trading in commodities.. it was not triggered and crossed my price and went.. What is the solution to this? Do we need to spread or give slippage for the broker? Plz answer asap!!!