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    Recommendation aggregator

    Dear Members Working on a side project This is a recommendation aggregator, which collects recommendation from various brokers on a central platform. Currently only from HDFC Security and Kotak Securities, I'll add support for more in future. Hope this will be...
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    How do you pick your stocks ?

    Dear Friends, I am conducting a study on the most sought after methods used by traders and investors for finding out what a stock will do. Please extend your participation in this simple poll. Your vote will remain anonymous and confidential. Once we find the results, I will share something...
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    Commodity Tips

    Capital stars is a financial advisory who provides Stock Tips to their client for the more profit generation with the newly and updated market reports. They provide Stock Tips, Commodity Tips on the basis of accurate analysis, and research.
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    NCDEX Trend

    NCDEX Trend-04/03/2013 CHANA APR. : SIDEWAYS RESISTANCE 2 : 3400 RESISTANCE 1 : 3360 SUPPORT 1 : 3300 SUPPORT 2 : 3270 JEERA MAR. : SIDEWAYS RESISTANCE 2 : 13300 RESISTANCE 1 : 13100 SUPPORT 1 : 12750 SUPPORT 2 : 12600 SOYABEAN MAR. : SIDEWAYS...
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    MCX Trend

    MCX Trend-04/03/2013 GOLD APR. : SIDEWAYS RESISTANCE 2 : 30150 RESISTANCE 1 : 29860 SUPPORT 1 : 29600 SUPPORT 2 : 29450 SILVER MAY. : SIDEWAYS RESISTANCE2 : 55800 RESISTANCE1 : 55300 SUPPORT1 : 54500 SUPPORT2 : 53800 COPPER APR. : SIDEWAYS RESISTANCE2 : 435...
  6. Sneha Bhatia

    How does the stock market effect gas prices?

    stock market is one place where immense investments take place, investments in company boosts stock market to rise & where risk is determined it falls down, perfectly call the bull market when stock market rises & bear market when falls down.
  7. Sneha Bhatia

    How does the stock market effect gas prices?

    How does the stock market effect gas prices? gas price increase so how does the main effect of share market in futures.
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    Daily Nifty and Bank Nifty Outlook

    17-11-2011 NIFTY OUTLOOK Trend: - Consolidate Resistance: - 5150, 5250 Support: - 5000, 4900 Strategy: - Sell on high BANK NIFTY OUTLOOK Trend: - Consolidate Resistance: - 9250, 9450 Support: - 8900, 8700 Strategy: - Sell on high Stock Recommendation
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    BUY Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) at 21.60

    BUY Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) at 21.60 for a 4-5 day target of 23.5-24 and SL of 20.6
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    Stock Market Updats Today- Friday 2nd September 2011

    Today markets traded on a positive note for the third consecutive day, the rally was mainly lead by Metal space followed by Oil & Goods, Auto and Realty stocks, Healthcare and Telecom etc. The markets managed to close with modest gains. The European markets are trading weak, the FTSE index is...
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    hello guys

    I am Architect . I have been in share market since 3 years. I like to know from stock Analysts before Investing. I have been helped by web sites like hionstocks.what u say folks.........
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    Investors guide

    Top Analysts do analysis regarding stock market before giving stock tips.Did anyone heard of hionstocks?
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    top stocks

    Does any one have knows websites through which people can get stock ideas.?
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    stock analysis

    Guys how much analysis is needed before investing into stocks.
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    Stock Tips

    Hello Friends !!!!!!!!:thumb: Good News to all Traders and Investors ...... This is my new Thread in which I'll provide you the Calls of Stock Market both Stock Cash and Stock Futures....and I'll also update you with current news related to Share Market.... Regards Suresh Bajaj :):):)
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    Intraday Tips for Friday 27 May 2011- Technical Overview

    Intraday Tips for Wednesday (Technical Overview, 30 March 2011) HERO HONDA Hero Honda has strong opening in the today's session and continues with it, but shown some profit at the higher level and closed with the gains. The stock is looking bullish in the coming time and above the level of...
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    Weekly Technical Views on Commodity

    10/01/2011 - 14/01/2011:thumb: GOLD Trend:- Consolidate Resistance:- 1391,1421$ Support:- 1355,1330$ Strategy:- Buy on dips SILVER Trend:- Bullish Resistance:- 29.40,30.60$ Support:- 27.92,26.90$ Strategy:- Buy on dips CRUDE Trend:- Consolidate Resistance:- 89.60,93.80$...
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    Weekly Technical Views on Agri Commodity

    TECHNICAL VIEW : 10/01/2011 - 14/01/2011:) CHANA Trend:- Consolidate Resistance:- 2600, 2650 Support:- 2490, 2450 Strategy:- Buy on Dips TURMERIC Trend:- Bearish Resistance:- 11120, 11700 Support:- 9200, 8400 Strategy:- Sell on Highs JEERA Trend:-...
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    Weekly Nifty & Bank Nifty Outlook

    10/01/2011 - 14/01/2011:) NIFTY Trend:- Consolidate Resistance:- 6120, 6180 Support:- 5790, 5670 Strategy:- Sell on highs BANK NIFTY Trend:- Consolidate Resistance:- 11450, 11680 Support:- 10800, 10620 Strategy:- Sell on highs
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    Daily Technical Views on Agri Commodity

    technical view cardamom (jan) view trend-bearish strategy-sell on highs res1-1510 res2- 1550 sup1-1415 sup2- 1360 chana (jan) view trend-consolidate strategy-sell on highs res1-2505 res2- 2480 sup1-2505 sup2- 2480 guargum (jan) view trend-consolidate...