stock price

  1. K

    Frequency of nse,bse stock price updates

    Hi, My Doubts: 1. NSE/BSE updates their stock prices in a regular interval (say 2ms) or varying intervals based on stock price changes? 2. NSE/BSE follow each and every tick (.05) right? When the price falls from 19.00 to 18.85, it will travel through 18.95 and 18.90 right(in...
  2. L

    Price movement Question

    Hi, I just have a simple question on the share price movement. What does the text below mean? The relatively robust numbers failed to please the markets, however, as the shares slid 171/2p to 425.35p. Investors were disappointed by a weaker performance What does the no 171/2p to...
  3. yusi

    Deterministic Data Generator

    Often, when checking out a new AFL or trading system, I would first like to look at it against simple known curves, such as a line or sine wave, to see behavior under ideal condition. The behavior of the AFL/system seems easier to comprehend under trend, consolidation and gaps. Such test data...