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    Harshad Mehta 1992 Scam Story Witness Story

    Has anyone from our forum members experienced Harshad Mehta's era of Bull vs Bear scenario? - I request if any of our members have experienced that time then do share your experience and scenario of that time. It would be interesting for us to know about it in a candid way.
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    ITI surges 15% on 12-fold jump in Q3 profit; co's net worth turns positive

    The organization detailed powerful income with a more than 12-overlap hop in the combined net benefit at Rs 168 crore in the December 2019 quarter of the current financial year (Q3FY20) Portions of ITI flooded 15 percent to Rs 106 on the BSE on Tuesday after the organization detailed vigorous...
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    Hi friends

    Share as much as possible in this chat room so that we can have good amount of discussions.