stock analysis

  1. Trishula_capital

    Steel Plants shutting across Europe

    I recently came across this tweet that shows that due to higher energy prices, steel plants are being shut down across Europe. That means there will be a production vacuum in Europe. Can Indian steel makers capitalize on this opportunity and capture more market share, or will the domestic demand...
  2. P

    Do you find stock analysis reports helpful?

    I have always found that Stock Analysis Reports are something which help in deciding whether the stock is good for investing. However, I haven't been able to find any detailed stock analysis report on the web for free. Do you think the same?
  3. S

    Do you think indian stock markets are volatile because of market manipulations?

    I am studying stocks in Indian and US markets. I have seen that in US at least for high market cap stocks there are many valid reasons why a stock move up or down. But if you look into how indian high market cap stocks moves then we can't explain those moves with a valid reason. Do you think...
  4. A

    How to make excel sheet with stock financials

    I want to make a excel sheet of stocks along with their cmp, financial ratios like roe, roce, pledged shares, etc. but doing it manually for all 5000+ stocks is almost impossible. So can anyone help me how to do it. Most screeners out there mostly doesn’t cover all BSE stocks. If they do, then...
  5. M

    What would be features you want for a website giving advanced stock analytics

    Dear sir, We are working on a website that gives advanced stock analytics and trade strategies.What are some of the utilities,you would like to have in such a site?The valuable opinion of traders will help the community a lot.
  6. C

    New Diver into the Stock Market so called as "Ocean of Opportunities".

    Hello Everybody,:clap: Regards, I am new diver into the Stock Market so called as "Ocean of Opportunities" to fulfill my dreams. I am an MBA Grad from Mumbai & a first timer into equity market. I am yet to learn the basics.... Lets make the forum in the mutual benefit of all fellow...