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    New Year Wishes

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    How is stock trading different than stock investing?

    Stock Investing Investing appears primarily at basics, which tend to be long-time period drivers of stock expenses. The long-time period investor waits out the zigzags as long as the bullish outlook and the general uptrend are intact. The good part is that making an investment entails fewer...
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    Daily Equity Market Wrap

    MARKET WRAP:clap: Indian equity market up 0.40%, Nifty added 23 pts & Sensex added 52 pts. Nov exports up 26.5% at USD 18.90 Bn & imports up 11.2% at USD 27.80 Bn. Euro markets were up 2% - 2.4% with CAC leading, Dow future was up 35 pts. Indian equity market ended up 0.40% due to...