stamp duty

  1. M

    How to get rid of Tamil Nadu Stamp Duty?

    Dear friends, i feel so sick of the tamil nadu stamp duty comparing to other states:annoyed::confused::down:. Is there any loophole to get rid of this huge burden. i hope to get valuable and feasible sugessions:o Thank You:cool:
  2. R

    Related To Stamp Duty

    I am from mumbai and have account with Ventura1 Securities. Though account was opened year back was not using for trading. In Jan 2013, I started trading with BUYING 1 share of "MAHINDRA SATYAM" at 103/-. When i viewed my Contract Note, It was some weird values being charged in "STAMP...
  3. J

    Commodity stamp duty in Kerala

    Do anybody know about the stamp duty charges in Kerala? Any idea about brokers with low brokerage?
  4. S

    Stamp Duty Charges in Trading

    My area of operation is Punjab, my broker is charging me 0.05% ( Rs 50 per 1,00,000/-) stamp duty on Intra Day Trades as well as Delivery Based Trades on both sides of trades. I have come to know in Maharashtra it is 0.002% ( Rs 2 per 1,00,000/-). Can some tell me if I am being charged correctly...
  5. mave_rick

    Query on different Charges in Day Trading

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me about the different charges (other than the brokerage) that are levied on while doing day trading. Please provide the % (percentage or the total amount that are levied)... As far as I know the different charges are as follows: Security Transaction Tax...