1. C

    Discount brokers or free brokers make money through spread ?

    I am wondering discount brokers or particularly free brokers who don't charge commission - they make money through spread? If you are not sure what spread is ..please search online... https://www.brokerxplorer.com/article/which-is-better-commission-or-spread-3258...
  2. kingsmasher1

    Why is the spread so large for non-Nifty 50 shares or futures?

    I generally preferred Nifty50 stocks/futures for any trade. I have observed that the spread is generally huge (more than 50 paise at times) for non-Nifty stocks/futures. What is the reason? Or am i missing something? Please see screenshot below (for a Nifty50 future versus non-Nifty50 future)
  3. T

    Nifty Futures - Calendar Spreads

    This thread will discuss possible strategies to do calendar spread in nifty futures. NOTE: THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT OPTIONS SPREADS OF ANY KIND : CALENDAR OR ANY. PURELY FUTURES CALENDAR SPREAD THREAD. I was exploring various option spreads strategies and was checking the margin requirements...
  4. P

    Looking to engage with analysts & market wathchers

    Greetings to all Looking to engage with analysits & market watchers , mainly commodities (Crude, Copper, Zinc) & soft . Would like to learn on deploying strategies for risk aversion and hedging. Regards
  5. P

    Profiting from Bid ask Spread

    Is it possible to profit from Bid ask spread , is us markets , some traders buy at the buy at the Bid price and sell at the Ask price, to gain the bid/ask difference? how relevant is it in Indian markets , What are advantages and disadvantages? Any roadblocks?