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    S&P rates India negative

    S&P just rated India bbb-. This is just above junk bond status. Can anyone tell me the impact of this on nifty on Monday.
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    Trading Tip #17 : Good News and Bad News

    One of the biggest moments for the markets can come when there is a key news release or fresh fundamental data. Buyers and sellers seem to wrestle with the potential outcome, and in the case of larger announcements, volatility goes through the roof. The problem that I see some traders struggle...
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    Trading Tip #29: Advanced Technicals Moving Averages

    In Tip #14, I talked about some of the basics for technical analysis. Trends and simple chart patterns are just the tip of the iceberg for technical analysis tools. There are many advanced tools that technicians use to try to find signals in the market price. One of the terms you might hear...