1. S

    Visiting India to explore prop trading operation

    Hi, I am visiting India, and interested in meeting up with any trading operations in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad or elsewhere. I run a successful equity options prop operation in the US, and have been involved in the financial markets for the last 14 years in Chicago , home of derivatives! I am...
  2. avid1511

    charting software for linux?

    Hi, I recently switched to linux and was wondering if there is any neat charting and analysis software available for linux preferably open source?? Thnx AviD
  3. S

    Any one blessed with Zeebob's 5th and 6th EOD ?

    Friends if any one blessed with 5th(thursday) and 6th(friday) of August 2010 eod then plz send me - s k u m a r d a l a i at y a h o o d o t in In spite of several mails I'm unable to get a respond from them . thanks in advance. skd.
  4. A

    Chatting Software

    Dear friends while surfing I found one good software which is free and use full for traders and investers
  5. mandyrawat

    Free Software for Technical Analyst

    Hi Guys, Is there any free softwares for technical analyst? Please send the details. Thanks!
  6. A

    Free Commodity analysing softwares.....

    hi friends i m in search for free commodity softwares so plz help me out......i m searching on net for last many days but want able to find any........if any of u have information plz post here so that all the the frds who visit these post will get help. Plz with the names of softwares plz...