software developer

  1. J

    Automated Trading software

    Is there any good reliable auto trading software supplier available to connect with ODIN? I am looking for a auto trading software is there anyone to help me.
  2. S

    Custom Software Development to Generate Stock and Commodity Calls

    As the title says, I can see many software that generates intraday calls but i did not find anyone among them to be perfect for making profits. What I understand is, if you have experience and good knowledge about Market ups and downs then probably one can opt with their suggestions to...
  3. Ravi Lodhiya


    Dear all, My name is ravi lodhiya and I am a software developer. I am new to Stock Market. I am learning new things everyday. I have recently open a demat account with J.M. Financial Services. I have join this community to share my experiences and learn ODIN and investment game. I...