1. V

    What to follow nifty spot or future?

    Hello traders, I'm a novice and seeking answer from veterans before i place any trade. So here it goes: To trade options, should one follow Nifty Spot or Nifty futures chart? While placing trade based on Support and resistance, it is been seen that Nifty spot chart holds support level while...
  2. iwillwin


    Where do you see usdinr settle in Dec month contract 66 - 66.3 66.31 - 66.6 66.61 - 66.9 66.91 - 67.2
  3. jamit_05

    A Beginner's way to trade options.

    A Beginner's way to trade options Hello Miniflow Friends, This thread will be a Q&A thread, where we will be asking questions to ST sir regarding options ONLY. We hope, that in due time we will be able understand the workings of options and trade them as successfully as Saint sir and ST...