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  1. P

    Does the market hate Dividends now?

    Time was when stocks ran up into the Dividend - with people buying the stock for the tax efficiency of dividend on one hand, and to generate a short term capital loss on their equity on the other hand. Now, it looks like the reversal of tax policy on Dividends has shifted market behavior...
  2. A

    Should I continue holding Astec Lifesciences ??

    I bought the ASTEC shares on May 4, 2018 @ 727/-, but this stock has started moving slowly downwards. Should hold this stock in this situation ? I bought this stock for short term. Please suggest.
  3. M

    Short Term

    Hi Friends, I am a beginner for Technical Analysis. Please help me what Time Frame and patterns shoul I need to consider for Intraday/Short Term. Advanced Thanks, Mullangi
  4. N

    Niludeepak : 15 Min Time Frame Trading in Nifty

    as suggested by onlinegtrash, i ve made a necessary correction in the title of my new thread this strategy is for a bit active trader following 15 min bars, and applied on nifty spot very simple : step 1 : buy (SAR) when price goes above 8 bar (15 min) high step 2 : sell (SAR) when...
  5. S

    Hot Stock Tips

    Hi friends, I am starting a new thread through which I will communicate hot stock tips for traders, you can weigh them initially by treading them on paper... if you find them worth actual trading use them and get benefited.. Regards
  6. A

    Can anyone suggest me share below 50Rs to buy for Short or Medium Term.

    Hi Can anyone suggest me share below 50Rs to buy for Short or Medium Term. Thanks Anil Rao
  7. gauharjk

    What is the short-term prospect for Mercator Lines?

    What do you guys think about the short term prospects of the Shipping Industry on the whole? and Mercator Lines in particular? I had researched Mercator lines before buying it... I read Baltic Dry Index has increased the fastest in 20 years. And yesterday, people were in a frenzy buying...