short sell

  1. Akshay24

    [B] How to select Stock for short selling ? [/B]

    Good day traders, Is short selling safe? If yes then how to select stock for short selling?? I mean what characters make it ideal stock for short selling? and final one, What is an ideal scenario for short selling?? I searched over internet, but didn't find useful tips for this.. :(...
  2. T

    Short trading doomed

    Hello Traderji's, I think, I'm direly need some help, I shorted(sold) a 100 shares of Infosys(BSE) on 12th October and called my broker to buy them for me(as there was a power outage) to square off on intrady. The moron from the branch bought in NSE instead on BSE. Now he says meek sorry and...
  3. X

    Short Selling

    Hi, i am interested in short selling a stock, but I don't want to square off at the end of the day. Is it possible that I can square off after 7-10 days. If yes could you tell me which broker or trading platform is offering such feature? Thanks in advance
  4. V

    what happens when i buy today and sell tommorow and ..

    Lets say if i bought 1 share of Rs 100 today and sell the same at 109 tomorrow. Now at the time of purchasing, the seller did short sell that too when he didn't have the shares,,, what implication would that have in my trading activity.
  5. B

    how to short sell..

    i am a newbie in the stock market..i am trading with sharekhan and using tradetiger.. plz someone tell me about the short sell. i.e. how is it done, what are the pros and cons. also one interesting thing that i noticed was that i was able to trade for much more than the cash that i have in my...