short delivery

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    Should I make stop loss orders on unsettled purchases?

    Hello, I have just started investing in stocks and I make stop loss orders immediately after buying a stock. But I am confused whether I should do the same on the next two days (T+1 and T+2) when the stocks I purchased are still not credited to my demat account. If I make the order on...
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    Purposely Short Delivery by Ventura1

    Whenever, Ventura1 short in the market and they could not square off due to increase in price,they refuse to give delivery and same is shown as short delivery in clients accounts. They get time to buy the shares at lower level to give delivery from the market.Some times delivery of...
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    Rules regarding Buy Today Sell Tomorrow

    Hi, I had bought 24 shares of infratel on 18th may @ 415and sold the same shares on 19th may @ 430. Then after one day I received sms form my broker saying that there was short delivery of shares. Then agian I received sms form sharekhan that the share I sold on 19th may was pending. Again I...