sharekhan tradetiger

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    SHAREKHAN API to amibroker

    sharekhan provides their new API for free to the clients. its basically real feed to ur program.they do have ami bridge but that costs around 4000 quaterly. I just want to know that is there any way i can use api in amibroker.any configuration or something. cuz it wil be nice to get feed from...
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    Planning to start trading - Please help in selecting online trading site (sharekhan)

    Hi Friends, I am absolutely new to trading. Just planning to start doing it with a good online trading facility. Just came to know about shareKhan. I have heard that they are best in the industry. But I am not sure how they actually works as they do not offer 3 in 1 account. Then does...
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    Reliance Capital supertrend 60 min

    Rel Cap if someone had traded via supertrend in apr/may 2014 wud have made a least I did not..and now looking at charts blankly ..lost opportunity.
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    Sharekhan - TradeTiger - Review

    Hi, I have been using Tradetiger for the past 2 years.. They have come out with the new version Pls let me know about the review/feedback on the same & the issues, if any! Also, they have 2 versions currently... 5.0 & Which one is better? Thanks, Singhalvicky