sharekhan brokerage

  1. M

    Hello to options Trading!

    Hi Folks, Can some one help by explaining how to read options chart. I am using sharekhan application. My understanding/questions- 1. Not all shares have an option chain. 2. I only use sharekhan application. Is there a better application which I can refer to? 3. Any good...
  2. J

    About Ventura Trading Account (vs sharekhan)

    Dear All, I need your valuable suggestion regarding open an account at Ventura1 Securities. I already have an account in Sharekhan and presently my brokerage charge is 0.02%(Intraday) and 0.2% for delivery. Ventura is offering me to open account with brokerage charge 0.01% (intraday...
  3. S

    HDFC vs Angel vs Sharekhan

    Hey, Today i enquired about the brokerage of HDFC ,Sharekhan & angel. can anyone share their personal experiences with any of these?? i see lot of negative reviews against HDFC... HDFC check hdfc SEC link they charge 25 Rs or 0.5% of amount.. No opening charges 1st year AMC is...
  4. manoj.0790

    Can any one tell me the Percentage of STT?

    I trading with Sharekahan and my brokerage plan is 5Paisa and 50 Paisa. Now i need some information about STT. 1. Whether STT is calculated for Both Buy and Sell? 2. Whats the % of STT? and on what amount it will be charged?

    sharekhan limit statement

    I'm trading with sharekhan for few months and as per im active with intraday trading these days,initially i started my intraday trading with hold of rs.29,000/- but now im lil confused with my margin limit statement. Recently i bought few shares and 2day i sold 'em uniformly as my hold value...
  6. K

    Why Sharekhan brokerage can kill you!!

    Just wanted to share one exp with SHarekahan which can kill any small time investor. The sharekhan charges a min 10 paisa brokerage PER SHARE so if u are trading for small stocks like say 10 rupees or 1 rupees you end up paying 10% of brokergage on delivery one side. Plus other things like...
  7. G

    Sharkhan brokerage confusion

    I have opened a sharekhan a/c. The sales person promised me a brokerage of .3 for delivery & .05 for intraday. Now i came to know that it is like: Delivery: .3, if the share price is > Rs 50 & 10 paise per share if share price is < Rs 50 Intraday: .05, if the share price is > 50 & 5...