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    Hello All Members

    hello, :) I am financial advisor in Delhi, India.Here I want to interact with you all and share my views & thoughts about the Indian share market trends, Please fill free to contact with me and share your views & send me queries if you have any about the Indian share market. Thanks to all...
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    share market calls

    Hi every one. I am new to this site and, to say about myself, basically we are team of share market analysts. we are here to make people earn money in share market.
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    BUY Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) at 21.60

    BUY Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) at 21.60 for a 4-5 day target of 23.5-24 and SL of 20.6
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    Share Market Tips

    Are you disheartened of investing in stock market with market analysis that affects your financial future?
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    Does anyone have opinion on

    Does anyone have opinion on website and the tips provided them on payment ??? are they worth giving the money???
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    Billionaire vision!!

    Hi everybody :clap: Here's wishing you and me billions!! Am I glad I joined traderji!! My story is so typical of many of the trading and investing books I have read... and so must you have read and experienced. I started almost a 15 years ago, all enchanted by this magical world, an...