share market beginner

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    Does value of O H L C changes with beginning of next candlestick ?

    Given in the screenshot there is a O H L C value highlighted under red colour. My question: Is the value changed with upcoming of next candlestick ? Please give in yes/no with one sentence answer... it will be enough for me. Thanks !
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    If you are New to share market

    Just stand in a crowd and utter the words “aaj market kaisa hai?” (how is the market today?), and there will be opinions pouring in from all directions. The best part is that even people who have never ever invested in shares will have strong opinions and even tips at times for how to invest in...
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    New Member to the Forum and new to trading

    Hi All, Myself Vinay from Pune. I am new to trading. I have bought small amounts of different shares in different Stocks and still reading the markets. I shall be studying more to understand the market and analyze it better.
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    Investing in shares

    Hello friends, I am new to share market and I would like to invest my money in share markets but i don't know the terms and condition about this investment. How can I start buying shares online without help of any broker ? What precaution is mandatory before investing in share markets. Please...
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    introduction from dinesh verma

    Hi I am dinesh - an IT professional and just started business in IT market with website promotions, I have really great experience in IT, web development, software development and IT services. I would like to invest some money in share market so i joined this forum If there is any expert...