share khan

  1. sashsaha0

    Confused about Share khan ledger balance and capital gain report

    Hello I am really confused about share khan capital gain report and ledger balance my query is does share khan shows the profit u earned in ledger balance or these two are totally different ?
  2. I

    Motilal Oswal v/s Sharekhan?

    Hello everybody! I'd like to know whether Sharekhan is a better option or Motilal Oswal on the basis of service, advice, brokerage and the website interface and speed? I'm a small investor. Also, how is the motilal oswal portfolio management service where they handle everything and promise...
  3. V

    Indiabulls or Angel Brocking or Sharekhan

    Hi Everyone! I am newbie and i plan to invest in some BSE stocks too apart from NSE. Please answer my questions: 1. Does Indiabulls allow trading in all scrips of BSE(apart from Z category)? 2. Do Angel Broking and Sharekhan fare better when it comes to trading in BSE? 3. Which is...
  4. V

    Hair cut prices

    Hi, I came across a new word "Hair cut". usage were like before hair cut price and after hair cut price. what are these prices? Thanks