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    Sudden market reversals

    Hi, My question caters to sudden stock market changes .My usual observation is that within a span of 30-45 mins Sensex/Nifty can go up-down 300 points.Like it happened today around 12 noon. There must be some news which has made this.Therefore the only way this happened is traders are...
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    How to open stock market institute in Ujjain (India)?

    Hello, I live in Ujjain and I want to open an stock market school in my town. I can teach about financial market and prepare them for NSE's certification in financial markets (NCFM) Test. I have been investing in market since 7 years. I also have teaching experience for 1 year in HS. Do I need...
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    Will the Sensex crash to 5000 levels?

    The Sensex in India has already breached near 8K and unless the FIIs stop selling it will see more lows. Should the government take desperate measures to stem more fall?