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    How to Show Exact Trade Price in Backtest Window

    Dear All, Here I have Attached Backtest Window Screenshot. Here Price and Ex.Price are showing Candle CLOSE Price. I want to show here Correct BUYor SELL or SHORT or COVER Price Details. Can you help how to do this ?
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    Help in afl coding: Entry above high / below low

    Hi, I am trying to take a trade after: 1. Buy signal comes as per my indicator below 2. High (on which the buy signal came) + 5 points to validate the signal and vice versa for Short. I have been trying to achieve this with the Buyprice and sellprice but no luck so far. I know there...
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    How to set a limit gain for a day in a setup?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to code a scalp method that's a quite simple, buy when price's cross up the EMA of 23 periods, the sell signal is given on profit target or stop loss by ApplyStop, but i don't want to trade all day, just to get a static amount and then stop the method until next day...