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    Sbismart short selling

    Hi, I am using Sbismart for trading. I couldnt find the short selling option in sbismart. If anybody here is using sbismart, please explain how we can do short selling. Thanx
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    A very basic question on option selling (writing)

    Hi! I'm a beginner trader in Nifty Futures and would like to get into Option Selling on Nifty Options. In that context, I have a few questions on Option Selling! How does Option Selling work? I know that to sell a Nifty option, I have to have a combined span and exposure margin of around...
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    not able to sell shares in ICICI Direct. Can anyone guide me?

    Hi I have bought 19 shares of HCC (9 shares for 59 & 10 shares for 51). Today morning i tried to sell 15 of them but got below error: Insufficient Stocks allocated. Please manually allocate by going to the Demat Allocation section But in my demat allocation i see only previously...
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    Writing options need help

    Dear Traders, I am new to options, I need help on how to write a option. For writing a option, for e.g Nifty with a strike price of 5500 and expiry 26 Aug 2010, what should I do, should I select that nifty option, enter the lot size and give just sell (like short selling of stocks though I...