1. L

    script to delete blank/junk symbol

    Hello Friends, My amibroker db has some obsoleted, blank and/or junk symbol included, I need to clean those things from the database. Please help me to do this TIA
  2. K

    Execute Imacro Script from Amibroker AFL

    Hello Experts, Could anyone please tell me , how can I execute Imacro script ( For firefox ) from Amibroker ( Formula ) ? Thanks a lot for your help.
  3. A

    how to get stock on live session who trade near intraday high/low

    Hello all im looking the way, how i get stocks who trade there near intraday high/low. suppose today tata motors intraday high/low is 410/400 and currently its trading on 408 so i get alert or any buzz when tata motors trade 409.40 or 400.80 Thanks in advance
  4. Y

    Game Plan Ranbaxy

    [Sardar ne bahuto ko choona laga diya...apni fatne se bacha li] Hi to all Do some of you understand the game plan behind ranbaxy scam. The Script was flying on 550...and suddenly falls around 250. Do you think it will reach back to its original price...Or sardar have sold interest of we...