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    liquid scrips

    Hello Friends, I am considering to trade futures on 5 mins timeframe. Cud you list the stocks based on its liquidity in which I can trade? Like Nifty and BN are good to trade on 5 mins because of its high liquidity, which other scrips can I consider? Pl list the name of the scrip. Thanks...
  2. V

    Scrip Code for SENSEX

    Hello friends, What is the scrip code for SENSEX. (for example scrip code for MRF Ltd is 500290). How can I download SENSEX history data from
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    Scrips For Arbitrage (NSE - BSE)

    Hi Traderji, Well I have started working with a broker as an arbitrageur. I am doing cash to Cash Trading (NSE - BSE trading). Its really getting difficult for me to find a good scrip to Arbitrage (cash to cash), I am Right now Working with Chambal and DCB. WOuld anyone Suggest some Scrips...