1. R


    Hi everyone!:) Please help me. I am on SBICAPSEC but haven't made any investment yet. I have some lien amount but haven't started buying. Can anybody guide me as to how to do it 'cause I don't understand most of the terms used in the trading platform also. :( I am on the lite version...
  2. R

    sbicapsec questions

    Hi Friends, I am new to this website, today posting my first message I have been in stock market since One year. And had not gain much yet. I want to know that with SBICAPSEC online trading platform, can i Sell my Demat Holdings through AMO (After Market Over) option ? If yes, please...
  3. A

    SBICapsec - Very disappointing service.

    Hi, I have an savings account with SBI bank. And when i decided I wanted to invest in shares, I approached my SBI branch to open a demat + trading account. I was told by the bank personal that I will be able to open one in two weeks time. And I did all the paper work. However, It took...
  4. deneb

    Contract notes from sbicapsec

    Are all sbicapsec customers getting their contract notes by post since last month or is it just for me ? I mailed to them to stop sending by post and sent it by email. But no response so far. Regards,