1. Chittorgarh

    SBI Life Insurance IPO Opens on Sep 20th

    SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd is entering in the capital market with an IPO of 120,000,000 Equity Shares of Rs 10 each. The price band for the issue has been fixed at Rs 685 at lower level and Rs 700 at upper level. Company is raising up to $1.3 billion and seeking valuation of Rs 70,000 Cr...
  2. A

    How to reduce slippage at entry and exit

    I trade and Nifty and SBI Futures in 5 minute timeframe. When I get a signal in Amibroker, it automatically generates an alert in Zerodha Pi using a bridge with all the values filled up (quantity, price, order type etc.). Order type is Limit and price is the Close of last candle which generated...
  3. L

    Banking results for Q3

    Q3 results for some of the major banking stocks viz. SBIN, PNB, CANBK, BANKBAROD, BANKINDIA have not been announced on the>Corporates->Result Calendar. As I understand, NSE should be notified atleast 7 days in advance before publication of results and results should be posted...
  4. S

    Profitability Picture Improves for some Large and Small AMCs in FY12-13

    Growth in Profit after Tax, or PAT, of the fund industry remained positive for FY12-13. While the consolidated figure indicates that this growth was marginal, on an individual basis, growth has been encouraging for some of the larger asset management companies. Smaller fund houses reported...
  5. E

    Banks knee jerk reaction to SB rate deregulation

    In a couple of days, analysts will come out with their detailed analysis of today's RBI announcement, and then, the reaction will be that SB rate deregulation is not as bad a factor as it is made out to be. - Firstly, out of the CASA ratio, on average, Current Accounts account for over 40% of...
  6. P

    Opinions requested on PNB

    Future of SBI shares I've bought 50 SBI at avg of 1761. I'm hoping that SBI will perform well. However, I'm confused whether to keep my holding short (arnd 6 months) or long (>1 or 1.5 yrs). Any suggestions will be appreciated. TIA Pavan