sbi demat

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    Which Demat account to be opened? SBI or Sherkhan.?

    Hi Friends... I'm new to online trading... Doctor by profession... Which Demat account is better... SBI or any other? Plz advice me... Thanks...
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    Inter Depo Intra CM - DR

    Hi, Anybody know what this "Inter Depo Intra CM - DR " bill is ? This was a bill debited by sbi demat. There was some amount debited from my savings account by sbi demat. When I send email to sbi demat, they never replied. After several follow-ups, and some managers getting into the loop, and...
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    Is SBI demat good for traders?

    Hi everyone... I am thinking of opening an SBI demat account.I need your advice whether I can go forward to open the platform good and comfortable for newbies? Are the brokerage amounts too high?If not SBI which one would you suggest?..please let me know.... Would be awaiting...
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    How is SBI demat account?

    Hi...thanks for taking the interest to read... I am a newbie to trading and I am thinking to open an demat account with SBI. Have you ever used SBI as your broker.How is the performance and do you recommend it to me... Please help...
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    SBI is it?

    recently SBI has started offering online DEMAT service. can any one tell how is their service and how much they charge? their brokerage charges and AMC etc. and of course the quality of their service compared to other brokers. i am using sharekhan right now.