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    Another Desi trader

    Hey everyone? hows going ? I'm pro scalper and daytrader and I was just looking for how traders trade the markets in India.I was searching online and stumbled upon this forum and thought I should join and say hi.I don't trade Indian markets but it's always good to see fellow desi traders from...
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    Whats the intrinsic value of Satyam

    Although satyam has appreciated 300% since acquisition, the up side is going forward maxes @Rs 320, under most optimistic scenario(rev cagr of 24% for next 4 years(2009-2011),excess return of 5% in stable growth, EBIT margin of 24% and legal liability to the tune of 3000cr). Under more...
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    Satyam open offer

    Hi guys...I think many members in this forum hold the stock of Satyam. I bought some shares at 54 and would like to tender the shares in open offer. Can you please let me know how to tender the shares in open offer. I have a sharekhan account and am wondering if it can be done online. I'm new to...
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    What do you expect to happen to Satyam & its stock? This assuming its being bought by eg IBM or other. If not it collapses I guess. What could its near & far future outlook look like