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    Trading Guidelines for Me

    Trading Guidelines A great reminder against over analysis, and useless thinking process involving should / would / could have type of thinking. By Nifty Nirvana Blogger Smart Trader (Niranjanam) Thanks
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    Wrong thinking and trading losses.

    Excerpt from The disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas -------------------------------------------------- 1. Refusing to define a loss. 2. Not exiting a losing trade, even after you acknowledge the trades potential is greatly diminished. 3. Getting locked into a specific opinion or...
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    Quotes from Edwin Lefevre - Trader & Author of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

    * In life or any other endeavour it is our inner demons that does us in. * Fate does not always let us fix the pain. It delivers us the education at the cost of pain. * The desire for constant action irrespective of market condition, is responsible for professionals to loose in the...
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    * Delisting Shares/Stocks from Stock Exchange/s.

    Under what conditions do the Company/Corporation Management take a decision to delist their shares on stock exchange/s they have listed ?. i.e. when the co is making / not making profits, before / after merger or acquisition with another organization etc ?. What are the procedures for...
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    10 psychological rules for traders from Mark Douglas

    Besides the well known rules for trading (Trade with the trend, Cut your losses, let profits run, etc.) these are the principals not much discussed, but that will improve trading : 1. Be rigid with rules, flexible with targets. 2. Focus on opportunities that provide an edge. 3. Trade...
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    Query regarding starting an investment firm in small scale

    Hi All, Please answer this query pertaining to the rules and guidelines of SEBI and govt of INDIA. Here is the idea and details behind the plan: I want to start a company which would invest in stock markets with my capital as well as capital from my relatives. The amount would be...