rt data

  1. apdd2003

    Metastock day trading help needed

    hi I am new to metastock, I am using truedataindia RT(trial) with metastock 11 with macd buy and sell signals. how can i make MS plot one min bars or candle sticks instead of ticks as it is generating buy and sell signals every few seconds. and that too with stock value not changing much...
  2. L

    Software Developer needed for established data vending company

    I represent a fairly large data vendor with about 1500 clients mostly dealing with EOD data with our own charting software. We also provide technical analysis and training to our clients and also are one of the largest authorized dealers of some of the most popular trading software in the...
  3. V

    PIB RT data feed setup for Amibroker

    Hello, I'm still coming to terms with Amibroker's functionalities so apologies in advance if the question seems a bit off:). How do I setup Amibroker to receive RT feeds from PIB? (I have an existing PIB account). Going through some of the other threads I got the impression I'll have to...
  4. O

    RT Data from ODIN to AmiBroker

    Application to Send RT Data from ODIN to AmiBroker. Features: 1. Data to Amibroker with zero delay (as fast as your ODIN). 2. Supports all watchlists in ODIN. 3. Supports continuous contracts symbol naming for NSE Futures and MCX Futures(ie Symbol-1, Symbol-2, Symbol-3,....)...
  5. A

    INVEST BULLS RT data service

    can anyone experienced tell me how is the invest bulls data service? their rates are low so i am doubtful about whether is true tick data, i am worried their data might turn out like TDI :mad: Plz let me know your experience with INVEST BULLS. Thks