rsi ema scanning afl

  1. punam.fintrade

    Book on Technical Indicators ( MACD, RSI etc ) - Construction and Working of Indicators in Stock Market ?

    Friends, I need a comprehensive book on Technical Indicators ( eg, MACD, RSI etc ). Where they explain how the indicators are constructed and how it is used to trade in the market. I have read few of the books on Technical Analysis where they skim through this section. I need information in...
  2. L

    RSI and EMA crossover scanning not working

    Buy = Cross(RSIa(Close,14),EMA(Close,9)); //OR Cross(z1,z3); Sell = Cross(EMA(Close,9),RSIa(Close,14)) ; //OR Cross(z3,z1); BBCCI_status= WriteIf(Buy, "Buy", WriteIf(Sell, "Sell", "Neutral")); BBCCI_Col=IIf(Buy, colorGreen, IIf(Sell, colorRed, colorLightGrey)); /* RESULTS */...