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    Reliance shares about to explode

    The first quarter was quite an unpredictable one. There was an explicit ban on usage of Oxygen for all industrial purposes for most of the quarter, and Reliance had diverted significant amount of oxygen towards battling the second wave. So there was a lot of uncertainty on how much exactly this...
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    The bear case for Reliance

    While I have been bullish on Reliance for a very long time, considering that Reliance is making continuous daily highs, it is worth looking at the things that could pull down the stock. And when you start looking at the other side, there’s a few things to be concerned about. The exposure from...
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    Reliance 4Q 2020 earnings

    In December last year, Jio hiked prices - this should go directly to bottom line. Jan 2020 onwards, IMO2020 kicks in - Reliance is big beneficiary of this. Falling oil price typically results in greater refining margins, but also inventory losses. However, Reliance has been scalping Crude that...
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    Reliance Industries - Big Brother on the move

    For 30 years from 1978 to 2008, Reliance was the darling of the Indian Stock markets. No institutional or retail investor portfolio would be complete without this stock - in fact, most portfolios probably had only this stock! But from 2009 to 2016, Reliance shares, to put it mildly...
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    Free intraday tips from Sify Finance

    From Sify: RIL: As long as it can stay above 2020, we can expect a move towards 2100 marks at 10.00 AM