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    Banking results for Q3

    Q3 results for some of the major banking stocks viz. SBIN, PNB, CANBK, BANKBAROD, BANKINDIA have not been announced on the>Corporates->Result Calendar. As I understand, NSE should be notified atleast 7 days in advance before publication of results and results should be posted...
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    Why is Amara Raja Batteries plummeting despite good result?

    On 28th October results of Amarajabat were announced. They posted 23 percent rise in consolidated net profit at Rs 123 crore for the second quarter Q2 ended September 30. Why was there a 6% fall in the stock price despite good results? Since then the stock is coming down...
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    How to find if quarterly results will be released during market or after market hours

    Currenlty, earnings season is going on. How do I find out which stocks will have results declared during market hours today? For example, today(13th February), results of IOC and SBIN were declared during market hours but results of RCOM are expected to be announced after hours. Following...
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    Comparing results of intraday explorations and highlighting new stocks on the list

    Hello, I use Amibroker to Scan/Explore market during the session (Real Time Data). I have some explorations which I run every 5-15 minutes. The problem is, that the result of each exploration is a quite long list of shares meeting my criteria. That is OK when I run the exploration for the first...
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    Tata Motors results

    A few years ago, Indians were surprised and proud to learn that over 95% of Suzuki's global profits were coming from Maruti Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki was the crown jewel of Suzuki. Tomorrow, we might see a similar situation, but from opposite perspective. Tata Motors bought Jaguar Land Rover...
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    trading based on news and stock results

    Hi all Wanted a general discussion of trading on basis of stock results and important news Some companies like Infosys were constantly able to beat there forecast every quarter , i think it will good idea to take delivery of such performing stocks few days before the result season and sell...
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    BSE and NSE Data

    Hi, I have an Application for EOD Data of BSE and NSE, contact Information, Shareholding Pattern, Cummulative + Standalone Results.
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    Corporate actions data provider

    Has anyone come across a reliable paid corporate actions and financial data provider? I am looking for data feeds which cover company & financial information like company profile, directors information, P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, consolidated financial data, quarterly results & corporate...