1. S

    DSIJ - Magazine

    Is it possible to get dalal street investment journal magazine for free download on every release?
  2. R

    Anybody have any good strategy for trading gap up & gap down?

    Hello everyone. Does anybody have a strong and robust intraday strategy to trade gaps? This has baffled me for months now and I still haven't cracked it.
  3. M

    Understanding recommendations on Geojit's Selfie platform

    Hello all, I am new to investing, and have chosen to trade with Geojit's Selfie platform. I am trying to understand the content of recommendations that appear on the platform ( Here is my understanding of this example of a recommendation, together with...
  4. infor

    NSE Stock Daily analysis

    Tata chemical expected to show some movement. Please find below analysis report as screenshot.
  5. I

    Swing Trade tips with 98% accuracy!!!

    Hello Traders, After a long struggle in thiis market, i have finally coded a good way to make money through swing trading. It took me around 2 years to achieve a success ratio of around 98%. I know what i have achieved in somewhat impossible for even experianced traders. And for many who...