realtime data

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    need realtime data for amibroker

    Hi, I require realtime data for amibroker with backfill for 3 months atleast, please help. who is the best vendor
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    need RT data feed for ninjatrader

    Hello friends, Iam looking for real time data feed for ninja trader 6.5 version. in tick format. (paid service or free)need it for NSE fno & options,mcx. please all the members from this forum reply me if any one knows about it. even if data feed is available through odin diet will also do...
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    new member

    Hi friends, I have just joined.I am from kerala and do trading for 4 years.when i was searching,noticed this site and find excllent features and active participation from members.good evening to all and have a nice trading!!!!!!!!!!
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    DDE link to AB Future realtime through Excel Success

    DDE link to AB-Nifty Future(nseindia) realtime through Excel Hi Everybody, Without claiming any credit,(becouse, so many of u must be aware of the configuration) I have to share that I have been able to get free realtime Future data from nseindia to AB through DDE link with an excel...