realtime charts

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    Charts slower by 2-3 seconds than real time price movement (by my brokerage)

    The Charts in Zerodha are slower by 2-3 seconds than the real time price movement in Zerodha. Therefore I am unable to trade (scalping) by looking at the charts. Whenever I did that I made losses. Does anyone know any details about it . Can it be made real-time, second for second ? Or does...
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    technical software

    please let me know any website is providing free intraday live charts. Because I am beginner in this field, I cann't afford for paid charts. thanks, Mullangi
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    Please vote for NSE BSE free online charting

    I'm sure everyone knows or if you don't now you do. that is the best online charting platform in the world. Right now they have enormous amount of symbols available but no NSE BSE yet. And they will implement if they get enough people who want it. I know there are so...
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    Hello To All! I am here to talk on various topics

    A complete technical analysis of the market is compulsory before investing in any kind of stock in the market.